Correspondent Package Submission Checklist
Please complete and sign your Correspondent Application and Agreement. For each item that applies to your business, please provide the documentation or information requested. A complete application and supporting documentation will assure a faster experience. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Executive.
  • Correspondent Application Please complete, execute and date the Correspondent Application. Included the documentation outlined in this checklist. Failure to provide all the necessary information may result in a delay and an unpleasant client experience.

  • Correspondent of Record – Owner(s)/Principal(s) must have a least five years of mortgage experience (exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

  • Company Resolution – This document is required if your company entity is one of the following: Partnership, LLP, LLC, or corporation.

  • W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certifications

  • Correspondent License(s) – Attach the Correspondent license(s) in the state(s) you would like to do business with Emm Loans llc.

  • Government Approvals – to be sponsored by Emm Loans llc, for FHA: please provide a copy of all processor’s resumes showing years of FHA experience. For VA: complete the attached VA Request form and provide $ 100.00 check payable to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Resumes for Key Personnel – (Broker of Record/Principals/Owners)

  • Mortgage Loan Originators and Operational Staff – (Please see attached for your convenience and please provide email addresses on the form)

  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization

  • Correspondent Agreement and Compensation Plan – Complete and execute the Agreement and Plan (Note: any modifications to agreement provisions may result in delay or denial)

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act – Completed and executed

  • Correspondent Affiliate Certification Disclosure – Completed and executed

  • Quality Control Plan – (Must have company name and be in compliance with rules and regulations required investor/insurers e.g. FNMA, FHA

  • Credit In-File – Credit in files must be a three (3) repository credit in file dated within 90 days of the agreement execution and are required on all owner(s) with 25% or more ownership

  • AIR Policy and Acknowledgement

  • Correspondent Authorization Form

  • Current Financials – including but not limited to Balance sheet and Income Statement within the last three months. All financial information provided will be held in strictest confidence and will not be released to any outside party

  • Lender References

  • Marketing Consent Agreement

  • Zero Fraud Tolerance

  • Provide approval(s) for all warehouse lines ( See Correspondent Warehouse Form attached ) – non-Del Warehouse form

  • Personnel Hiring & Policy Procedures – To be provided for Correspondents with two or more employees

  • Provide your MLO Comp Plan(s) as evidence you are in compliance with all regulations.

  • Complete the Certification Regarding Corporate Authority ( Corporation ) form or provide resolution documents with all amendments

  • Provide letter in good standing from your Warehouse bank(s)

  • Provide FHA approval letter from HUD evidencing your 10 digit FHA Origination ID# ( required only if closing loan in Correspondent name)

  • Third Party Closing Vendor P&P and information ( vendor contact name, address, phone # )

  • Provide resumes of all closers of your company if not using a third party closing vendor

Note: Emm Loans llc is unable to lock or fund your loans until your broker application is approved.

The completed broker package and all of it’s attachments should sent to

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